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Our Successes

Sydney Law Practice has been involved in a number of land mark decisions. These cases reflect the breadth of our lawyer’s expertise and the firm’s commitment to our clients. We have experience in numerous jurisdictions including the NSW Supreme Court, Administrative Decisions Tribunal (now known as the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal), The Land and Environment Court, the Family Court, and the Federal Circuit Court.
This Supreme Court matter was significant in that it clarified the rights and obligations of a Trustee for Sale appointed under S66G of the Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW)
This Administrative Decisions Tribunal matter illustrates the significance of describing the leased premises accurately to include ancillary areas such as cool rooms and delivery docks.
A decision in the NSW Land and Environment Court explored the applicable provisions of the Local Environmental Plan to determine whether use was permissible with consent or prohibited for the development of a two level extension containing a dwelling, gallery and restaurant.
This NSW Court of Appeal case demonstrates the significance of Lessors making specific and reasonable requests for information when a Lessee seeks consent to assignment of a Lease as well as the requirement to deal expeditiously with a request. Furthermore, the case considers the requirement to provide a disclosure statement when the assignee is already a party to the lease.
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